South Carolina’s anti-tobacco use movement, Rage Against the Haze, has been going strong since its inception in 2002. RAGE empowers teens to become living messengers for the anti-tobacco use movement through a combination of events and peer-led education. Each year, RAGE hosts a two-day training session for teens. This custom curriculum was designed to introduce teens to the convoluted history of the tobacco industry, statistics about tobacco use and health, and ways teens can use their voice to take a stand and foster healthier communities. Realizing that the word “curriculum” drives terror into the hearts of teens, I set a tone that would deliver a hefty dose of data in a cheeky, engaging way. Paired with visuals that brought the facts and stories to life, this Field Guide not only made it into the hands of RAGE teens, it also made a cameo on the walls of the South Carolina State Museum during the 2012 Body Worlds exhibit. 

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