Columbus, OH | The Infographic

columbus ohio infographic


Columbus, Ohio is an awesome place to be. The proof is in the infographic. 


78 thoughts on “Columbus, OH | The Infographic

  1. Amber Herbster

    GREAT infographic, Amy! I’m a local Realtor and am currently working on a relocation blog post. May I include your infographic, of course, with credit?

  2. Al

    I am currently in the process of trying out for the Columbus Police Department. I completed 20 years in the NAVY, held a TS Clearance, soon I well graduate from Regent University with BS in Information Systems, CDL’s with HAZMAT and Tanker endorsements. I made a mistake and stayed here in the Tidewater area of Virginia after retiring from the NAVY. This area does not like Military and there is one city in this area the only likes to hire folks from NY and NJ, they don’t like to hire their own!! Hopefully Columbus, OH will be a place that I call home, if anyone out there no of any places that are hiring Vets please pass the info my way, thank you!

    Ready to work Vet,

  3. Laura

    don’t forget about the ancient mysterious earthworks around the city…some have been lost to the agricultural industry or development but there are still a few interesting places to see. btw… i really like the way you did your website… the formate is really cool:)

  4. j reich

    I loved it, am in Florida 8 months a year but columbus is near home, I am from Westerville and we call Columbus our suburb……. more people in Florida know about Columbus because I tell them it it southwest of Westerville……

  5. Bob Thompson

    Nice review, Columbus is a great city to live in without all the big problems of a large city. Pretty much 30 minutes to anywhere in Columbus. I grew up in Chicago try going from the North Side to South side in under an hour.

    1. Andi

      Amen to that! I moved to Columbus June ’13, and am from Rockford, IL. I spent a great deal of time in Chicago for various reasons, and I refused to drive there if it could be avoided. CTA all the way! lol

  6. Jim Corvino

    That’s beautiful work Amy – well done! Just curious what software do you use to create something like that?

    Best of luck and keep up the good work.


      1. Lisa Hartong

        Hi Amy,

        I am a recruiter for Chase and hire (or try to hire) people to relocate to Columbus for the bank. This site is AWESOME!! Love it; I have shared it with many other Chase recruiters. One question, recognizing Chase is not headquartered here but we are the largest employer in Central Ohio, any chance we could get a shout out on this site? We employee approximately 23,000 people in Columbus and outside of NYC this is Chase’s largest hub.

  7. Rebecca

    I like the facts and information about Columbus. This is definetly a good city to live in, and we have so much potential and so much to offer here.


  8. Adam Powell

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
    -Mark Twain

    I love Columbus, and have lived here for almost 20 years.

    Several years ago I moved to Denver and I missed Columbus and returned.

    That said, Denver (metro) is around 3 million; Atlanta (metro) is around 5.5 million. Columbus (metro) is around 1.7 million. To put such a misleading statistic so early in this infographic hurts the credibility of an otherwise great piece of content.

    1. Amy Taylor Post author

      Thanks for the compliment, Adam! Denver is a great city! Just to clarify (I think I answered it elsewhere, but it’s buried in other comments by now.) The population stat is pulled from the US Census ranking which refers only to the population of individual municipalities within their defined limits, not the metro area. Here’s a list of other populous rankings if you’re interested in seeing where Columbus falls:

  9. Alicia

    I was a little disappointed to see that Barley’s didn’t make the microbrewery cut as it is a Columbus staple that has been operating for 21 years. (still, thanks for sharing positive/noteworthy things in the community!)

  10. Micki

    Hi Amy – be sure to check out some of the “firsts” that started in Columbus in the banking industry: First ATM, for interest – as well as many other innovations!

    1. Chris R.

      Definitely, “First ATM” should be on there (and no I’m not affiliated with Huntington Bank in any way). That said, Battelle should also then be on there, too. So much goes on there (as at OSU) that does not get Public recognition — sometimes because they are not allowed due to Government Security Clearances — but I can tell you from my late great-grandfather’s perspective that there were / are many activities and inventions there to be proud of there ! Many good changes around the world started there.

  11. Laina

    Rambling House on Hudson makes their own soda, uses local liquor, like OYO, and serves local brews all in a cozy environment featuring awesome bluegrass. If you’re looking at the arts for next time, that’s something to consider to showcase the variety. (And go try the drinks-the Stranger is my favorite!)

  12. Elle

    Some stuff about the local art and music scenes would be much appreciated; by those who participate in them especially.

  13. Dan

    Great graphic. I’ve lived in Columbus for 30 years now–moved here to attend THE Ohio State University after growing up in a small (17,000 people) town in NW Ohio. I can’t imagine living any where else. Just one comment—it is “Ohio State”, or “The Ohio State University”, or “OSU” . Not “The Ohio State” as you called it twice in this list. Thanks!

  14. jeff

    Of course they have to end it with the buckeyes, Jesus Christ.

    They are student athletes- get a grip people. If you went there, thats great for you and buck it up all you want. But half of their fans never even went there, they are born and brainwashed to freak out over a non professional team in which the players are there for 4 years at most- and if they are, it means they aren’t that good.

    So pathetic and none of them see it. Hysterical.

    1. Linda

      I did go to OSU and loved football while there. And I do kind of see your point about all the people (many within my own family) who did NOT go there who are rabid OSU fans. I’d rather see Columbus rise up to support, say, The Columbus Professional Hockey team (sorry, name escapes me) as that would be more appropriate. I also see that Amy mentions Colorado twice in this graphic. Jealous much? I have lived in Colorado since 1978 and although I frequently come back to see friends and spend some time in Columbus and I do really enjoy myself, I don’t think I could ever live there again. But that’s just me. Happy that you’re happy. I’m thinkin’ those Instagram pics had to have been taken in the summer as the winters there are suicidal.

    2. Dan

      Jeeze dude—who cares if an OSU fan didn’t attend OSU for college? It’s called supporting your local college team, your local economy, and showing pride in the city where you live and work. I’m sure there are things that you enjoy that others despise, but any normal person would accept the fact that people are different and have varied likes and dislikes. GO BUCKS! (And yes, I did attend and graduated from THE Ohio State University–and proud of it!).

    3. Sean

      So, children cannot be fans of OSU athletics or academics because they haven’t attended the school? Or if you choose to not attend college or a different university you cannot remain a fan? Your logic doesn’t even makes sense.

      As far as 4 year student athletes the only two time Heisman trophy winner was a four year student athlete, as was Robert Griffin, Andrew Luck, Tim Tebow and countless other players that had success in college and beyond.

  15. Brutus Buckeye

    Hi Amy,

    Great infographic. Love the originality, and love to see people spreading the good word about my hometown!

    So I know that us young professionals love to hype up the size of Cbus, but I thought it was a bit weird to lead off your graphic with “Columbus is the 15th largest city in the U.S.,” which “makes us bigger than” places like Miami and Boston….

    I understand that Cbus’ borders makes it the 15th largest city, but you and I both know that with a metro population of 1.8 million – compared to Miami’s 5.5 million and Boston’s 4.5 million – the “15th largest city” statistic looks pretty ridiculous. Columbus ranks 49th in metro area, a stat that makes much more sense. You don’t see Austin going around telling people it’s the 11th largest city in the country, though I suppose it could.

    Hey, Columbus is the best mid-size city in the country! There’s no reason to dance around that fact.

    Congrats again on the great work.

    1. Peter Yockel

      So there are many ways to “lie” with statistics and the U.S. Census Statistical Area data is a great example of one such lie. For example, I have lived in South Florida, the statistical area of over 5 million people you cite AND I can assure you that the only thing tying that so called community together is Interstate 95. So called statistical areas say nothing about whether the people in those areas consider themselves as one united region, Palm Beach and the Florida Keys don’t relate to one another on any level, the smaller region of Columbus and Central Ohio does view its self as one community however.

  16. Kate

    Fun info!! So many people to share this with! Don’t forget Pelotonia…largest bike ride in the nation and raising $$$ to kick cancer’s arse.

  17. mel

    Nicely done, but PLEASE stop perpetuating that stupid nickname CBUS for Columbus. PLEASE. It is no harder to say or write our full name of Columbus. CBus makes us sound like one big bus station. PLEASE STOP.

    1. nina

      CBUS is a great nickname, and has nothing to do with buses. Columbus natives are sure to understand that, and therefore you shouldn’t be worried about what other non-cbus natives think about the nickname, and whether or not it means we are a giant bus town….which by the way…. who would ever think a giant bus town is an ACTUAL thing?

  18. Tim Chavez

    Wonderful Amy! You might have forgotten that Columbus has the largest Pride parade in the Midwest.
    Over 100,000 participants.

  19. Kara

    Columbus music scene fun fact: Did you know that a Columbus musician was selected as the Verizon Indie Icon last year over more than 2,300 artists across the country? Did you know that a Columbus musician was recently featured on the Katie Couric show as her only musical guest to date? Did you know that both of these is the same Columbus born-and-raised singer/songwriter?

  20. Kara

    Amazing work putting this together! It is so impressive! I moved to Columbus a little over 10 years ago, and I fell in love with it! I agree with Donna, the music scene here is amazing and would be a great addition to your next piece. You are a very inspiring writer and artist! Thank you!

  21. chris B.

    You are making me home sick! I am currently in Boston. I love Boston (Subway, beaches, etc), but Columbus has lots going for it:The food, the people, the events! Go CBUS!

    Thanks Amy!

  22. sonny shroyer

    Football is king bit let us not foeget countries first socer only stadium for the Columbus Crew MLS champions in 2010 I think. Nationwide arena named number 1 by ESPN magazine for sports venue home of the NHL Columbus Bluejackets. And of course Baseball America’s number one new Ballpark Huntington Park. But who am I kidding Go Buckeye Football!!

  23. Heidi A. Maybruck

    Amy!! Fantastic Fact Sheet about our hometown, Cbus! Celebrate Local, Shop The Best of Ohio at EASTON is very proud to be a part of COLUMBUS awesomeness in raising awareness of how supporting LOCAL helps our community and our OHIO economy! Our patrons are passionate about shopping LOCAL!

  24. Susan Woolf

    Really great layout and facts! Thank-you. I’m looking forward to my next visit to Columbus this month.

  25. John

    I respectfully submit Comfest for your consideration, allegedly the largest noncorporate-sponsored music & arts festival in the country.

    1. Kim Russell

      Great list! I think Comfest (I believe it IS the largest non-corporate sponsored fest in the states)& Jazz & Rib Fest might be included along with Red White & Boom & Maybe The Blue Jackets & Crew along with OSU. Brilliant though. I love Columbus. I moved away but then came home to C-bus!

  26. Donna Mogavero

    Fabulous. I was born and raised here in Columbus and have lived here all my life. Kudos on this website. You did fail to mention one thing, one HUGE thing…. The Columbus Music Scene is top notch.

    1. Chris R.

      Hey, Donna. The Music Scene does ROCK ! I was thrilled that McGuffey Lane played at Sunbury’s 2nd Annual Sizzle & Sound last August (~ 23/24th). Always enjoyed you and Willie Phoenix, and hope you all someday make it to the Music scene growing NE of Columbus with new opportunities like this all the time! Am expecting other Musicians I grew up with to continue in this direction, too. One group who recently started moving in this direction asked my spouse to consider playing bass, but he’s still too busy at the moment to add one more music venue. He’s still rockin’ and knows other musicians too are getting more gigs all the time, thanks to the Powell / Polaris area being one of fastest growing areas in the Midwest this past decade.

  27. Adam

    How much of the OSU student population is counted in that 810,000? Where does it put Columbus on the list if you count all students at OSU main campus?

    1. Mike

      OYO, pronounced (O-why-O) is a distillery that uses 100% Ohio ingredients and is located in the short north district

      1. Cameron

        Middlewest Spirits produces the OYO line of spirits. Definitely a quality establishment and it’s awesome that all of their ingredients come from Ohio, and it was good to see the author include them in the graphic.


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