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columbus ohio infographic

It seems my Columbus infographic has hit home (literally) with a lot of people. It has been wonderful getting to virtually meet so many of my 614 neighbors, and a great reminder that cities are a reflection of the people who live there. In the instance of Columbus, what an awesome group of people that is.

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  1. Gene Jackson August 4, 2014

    Let me say that the Central Ohio area, including Columbus, is a great place to work, live and raise a family. But I don’t see the need to overstate the size of the city in comparison to other large metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Boston, Seattle, etc. I’m guessing many people are happy with the size of the city. Why not say Columbus is the largest city in Ohio? This is just another situation of overstating the size thru the use of slanted statistics. Be proud of what we have. No need to overinflate.

  2. Daniel July 30, 2014

    Just to clear things up: The city of Columbus itself is the 15th largest city in the nation, but is less than half the size of cities such as San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, or Boston when you consider metropolitan population. As a geographer its annoying to hear people from Columbus wonder why we don’t have more professional sports teams since “were the 15th largest city in the country.” Columbus is a perfect size though. Cities much bigger than Columbus become congested with traffic and hard to navigate.

    • Amy Taylor July 30, 2014

      I am more than okay with the number of sports teams we have. I don’t know that we have much more room in our city or our hearts when we’ve got a big scarlet-and-grey baby to care for. :)

  3. Melissa L Weber March 14, 2014

    This is great! Thank you!!

  4. Jess March 10, 2014

    Love the city – moved here at 18 and never left. Retirement comes in 8 years and i plan to keep a summer home here but i will definitely be glad to leave the winters behind. Go Cbus – awesome city to live in for diversity and many other things. I may leave Ohio behind at some point but i will always be a buckeye.

  5. EH March 9, 2014

    Actually,I don’t mind the Columbus, Ohio reference. There are many other cities and towns named Columbus in the US. Many are quite proud of their city and rightfully so.

    Columbus, Ohio is fine.

  6. David Roman March 7, 2014

    Nice job, but I have one problem. At least 3 times you referred to Columbus as Columbus, Ohio. Maybe 1 time is OK, but with the OSU references, 1 time is not even necessary. We can’t become a great place to live until we really believe it.


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