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Hostess Gifting: From flower pot to teapot

Headed to a surprise party tonight. So, what to get the girl who has everything? Flowers, of course! I found the most gorgeous, cheerful bouquet at Trader Joe’s this morning. (Granted, I’m a sucker for sunflowers.)  I think fresh flowers are a lovely gift, because they’re something we so rarely buy ourselves. Along with other girlish niceties like beautiful soaps, indulgent, one-bite, luxury chocolates, linen water and quality stationary, just knowing I have fresh flowers in my house seems luxurious and special. If you’re anything like me, you have roughly a dozen clear glass vases stashed in cupboards and on shelves throughout your home. I try to avoid adding to clutter when I gift-give and always prefer pops of the unexpected to the traditional. On the way home from Trader Joe’s I stopped at our local Home Goods and stumbled across this gorgeous, lidless teapot and was instantly sold. What is more ladylike than tea and flowers?

I trimmed the flowers down quite a bit and spent some time arranging to end up with a cheerful, feminine arrangement that seems to smile and exclaim “Life is good!” – exactly what I was hoping for.

Next time you give the gift of flowers – think outside the vase. Mason jars, antique containers, old kitchenware, vintage coffee cans, teapots, pitchers – all make wonderful and unexpected additions to a simple bouquet. And when the flowers are gone, the recipient is left with a useful container she can use again and again.

Or, if you're into repurposing, here is a great tutorial from Pinterest on giving those tired, clear vases new life.

What’s the most unique flower container you’ve ever given or received?