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5 Free Stock Photo Sites that Don't Suck

Thanksgiving is arguably my favorite week of the year. It’s short. It’s festive. It’s a three-day parade into the official holiday season. (Though, if I’m being perfectly honest, I’ve been excited about “the holidays” since roughly September 1.) In the spirit of week in which the working world is scrambling to cram five days worth of work into three while visions of food comas dance in our heads, I thought it would be nice to keep today’s blog fun and food-focused (with a generous side of what-the-hell?)

Not too long ago, Buzzfeed posted a list of 50 Completely Unexplainable Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use. Apparently Totino’s pizza took this as a challenge. (A really, really weird challenge.)

In the off chance you’re actually looking for beautiful stock images that are completely usable, here are a few free favorites. An early holiday gift from me to you.

Upsplash oIpwxeeSPy1cnwYpqJ1w_Dufer Collateral test

Death to the Stock Photo* DTTSP2_905

Splitshire SplitShire-1500-800x500

Life of Pix Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 3.17.13 PM

Little Visuals tumblr_mvlohj1AvM1sdyj9lo1_1280