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Chicken Salad Gone Christmas | Recipe

christmas chicken salad While much of the world is busy groaning about Christmas in October, I am one of those people who starts longing for the holiday season right around the time I start packing away the 4th of July decorations. No doubt about it, my soul is dipped in red-and-green glitter and strung with twinkle lights. And I'm okay with that.

Like any good Christmas fanatic, I have a rotation of recipes that scream "HOLY HOLIDAYS LETS DO THIS THING!" And this is one of them. If you're not a cook, no worries. If you can chop things with a knife and wield a wooden spoon, you're golden.

Note: pretty much everyone on the planet has a variation on this recipe in their stash (or their mom's stash or their grandma's stash). Adapt at will. It's hard to mess it up.

Christmas Chicken Salad

4 c. cubed or shredded chicken (or 2 cans if you're not into getting hands-on with your poultry) 1 c. dried cranberries 1 c. chopped walnuts 1. c. finely chopped celery 1 c. quartered red or green grapes 1 c. finely chopped green apple 3 stalks chopped green onions salt + pepper to taste Enough mayo to wet it all down (appx. 1 cup)

Now for the super complicated instructions...

Add ingredients to bowl. Stir. Spread on a croissant and prepare to have your bells jingled.

Note: If you can resist for a day or two, this is even more delicious on day two or three.