StumbleUpon turned 10 in November. I forgot to get it a birthday gift, so I'm getting it this blog post instead. Founded in 2001, StumbleUpon has existed longer than the "big three" in social media – Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. In August, StumbleUpon celebrated a milestone: 25 billion clicks. To give you some perspective, if you sat down and starting counting from one to one billion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week nonstop - adding in mathematical adjustments for multisyllabic numbers (like 4,337,646) - it would take you roughly 95 years to finish counting. Counting to 25 billion, on the other hand, would take approximately 2,375 years. So, if the ancient greeks had started counting in 364 B.C., they'd be just finishing up right about now. I'm willing to bet that would be one heck of a game of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall."

25 billion is a lot.

Today, StumbleUpon averages 1 billion clicks per month.



Fact: StumbleUpon drives over 50% of social media traffic in the United States, making it the top site for traffic referrals to US websites.


2.2 million webpages are added to StumbleUpon every month. That's 51 pages per minute. 8 babies are born in the United States every minute, which means the number of pages being referenced and ranked on StumbleUpon exceeds the population growth by more than 6x.

After 24 hours, a popular shared link will usually get...

ReTweets on Twitter - 0%

Likes on Facebook - 5%

More Stumbles - 83%

Half Life of a Link

The half-life of a link is the point in time at which a link has seen half the engagement it will ever get.

A link shared on Twitter - 2.8 hours

A link shared on Facebook - 3.2 hours

A link shared on StumbleUpon - 400 hours

View Time

Average webpage - 58 seconds

Average StumbleUpon page - 72 seconds

Stumble Session

The average Stumble Session (during which a user views page after page) is 69 minutes. Nearly 3x the amount of time people spent on a singular Facebook session or watching a sitcom (both 23 minutes.)

The Brand Benefits of Stumbling

When you to publish to Facebook or Twitter, you push content to your brand's followers and fans - i.e. the people who already know and like you. Unlike Facebook and Twitter (which are content delivery tools), StumbleUpon is a discovery tool. Its goal is to reach people who are on the hunt for new, interesting information. So what does this mean for you? StumbleUpon is the social director who brings your brand to the party to attract, meet and connect with all sorts of new people interested in the things you do.