thewonderjam_for_siteWhen it comes to my list of likes, food and typography rank near the top. So it should come as no surprise I've got a serious creative crush on the woman who brings both of these things together to create magical, storybook-worthy works of art. (Anyone who has ever tried to wrangle sprinkles into submission knows this is no small accomplishment.)

Columbus-based artist, Danielle Evans (aka Marmalade Bleue) creates eye- and awe-inspiring masterpieces by way of "lettering and typography, which she exhibits through brush pen, paper cutting and most notably, dimensional type. She art directs, food styles, and collaborates with personable and quirky clients to achieve authentic, evocative, and approachable work for social media campaigns, editorials, and advertising."

To put it another way, if your brand is a foodie brand, drop what you're doing and call Danielle. If your brand isn't a foodie brand, after you check out her're gonna wish it was.

In conclusion, any woman willing to get her hands dirty (and spend a morning knuckles-deep in raw meat) is my kind of awesome.

Learn more about Danielle and her work at

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