Among the handful of golden rules for brands on social media, you’ll find this tidbit of wisdom: Don’t force your way into a conversation; join a conversation when the opportunity arises, it makes sense and feels natural. 

Those of us in marketing have had time to hone our skills. We’re very familiar with the sound of those obvious and less-obvious doors opening amongst the daily flurry of tweets. But what about brands with a little less social experience under their belts. We’ve all seen the occasionally awkward tweet. ExampleTweeter tweets “What a beautiful day!” BrandTweeter chimes in out of nowhere with “Check our our lawnmowers. On sale now!”


And while I think the majority of brands are still struggling with how to be conversational rather than promotional on social media, last week I received an out-of-the-blue tweet that really impressed me. The brand nailed it.


I shared this link from Fast Company…


I then received this tweet in response...



1. The brand found a way to share information about their company with me by tapping into something I was already talking about.

2. The information the brand shared with me included three topics that I care about (and regularly tweet about): dogs, tech and women in STEM.

3. The brand created a personal and memorable moment by sharing a photo peek behind their scenes, rather than just retweeting or leaving things at “We agree."