Fun Fact: Halloween is the second "spendiest" holiday of the year. (Christmas scores the #1 spot.) This year, it is projected Americans will spend $7.4 billion on Halloween. That's billion-with-a-b. (That's also a lot of Elsa costumes.) While I tend to be the token hostess of Christmas, this year Halloween is happening at my house. I set a personal challenge to see how far I could make my demon decorating dollar stretch. Later this week, I will share some favorite finds from various Halloweek shopping adventures. (Dollar Tree, Michaels and the local thrift have become my new BFFs.)

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek guests received last night in the form of a party menu teaser. (My inner ghouly ghoul + inner copywriter had loads of fun with this.) Keep an eye on the #BYOBoos hashtag on Instagram and Twitter for additional party frights and delights over the next few days.