As the finger that pulls the trigger on a monthly newsletter, MailChimp's sense of humor makes me laugh. In those final moments before you push the button and relinquish control, the longer you linger above the button, the sweatier the nervous monkey arm gets. mailchimp In August, the popular site had a moment of flub. Over a weekend, subscribers received an email blast featuring little more than a photo of a tiny kitten contemplating his face in the mirror. Fab fans were left scratching their heads and wondering what does it mean? 

(The inner Community Manager in me knew right away: someone had selected the wrong test list.)

A few hours later, sent this apology email, proving that eating crow doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience.


Thanks to the quick action (and quick wit), what could have been "Remember time Fab randomly sent a cat photo with no further explanation?" turned into "Remember that time Fab turned oopsie into opportunity?"

Accidents happen. How you decide to respond makes all the difference.

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