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  • Chipotle uses 97,000 lbs of avocados on an average day. Click to Tweet
  • It takes 70 avocados to make one batch of @ChipotleTweets guacamole. Click to Tweet
  • 80% of the cilantro served at @ChipotleTweets is organically grown Click to Tweet
  • On average, lettuce travels 1,500 miles from the farm to your plate. Click to Tweet
  • If you are eating Cali lettuce in NY, it takes 56 fossil fuel calories to put 1 calorie on your plate. Click to Tweet
  • When seasonally available, Chipotle sources produce within 350 miles of their restaurants. Click to Tweet
  • Naturally-raised cows produce milk for 10-12 years. Hormone-fed cows are, ahem, "retired" after 3-5. Click to Tweet
  • 100% of the sour cream and 65% of the cheese served @ChipotleTweets comes from pasture-raised cows. Click to Tweet
  • A steer has to eat seven pounds of corn to produce one pound of meat. Click to Tweet
  • Of the 2 million farms in America, fewer than 30% are family operated. Click to Tweet
  • 70% of antibiotics sold in the U.S. are fed to animals on factory farms for purposes other than treating diseases. Click to Tweet
  • 66% of grain produced in the US is used for livestock feed. Click to Tweet
  • 100% of the pork Chipotle serves is naturally raised. Click to Tweet
  • The USDA definition of "naturally raised" doesn't include on-farm animal welfare protocols. Chipotle's does. Click to Tweet
  • 95% of pork sold in the US comes from farms that raise pigs in confinement. Click to Tweet
  • .@Niman_Ranch has gone from 55 to 650 naturally-raised pork farms by working with @ChipotleTweets. Click to Tweet
  • By using 100% recycled content in their napkins, @ChipotleTweets saves more than 22 million gallons of water per year. Click to Tweet
  • With 655,360 possible combinations, you could eat at @ChipotleTweet 1x per day without repeating a meal for 1,794 years. Click to Tweet