yellow balloons The medulla oblongata controls automatic functions of the body. Heartbeat. Breathing.

Long before we've even entered the world, before we understand what it even means to be alive, this little part of our brain is hard at work having already figured out what we need.

There are some things we, as a people, are meant to do. Without knowing how or when or why. These things have no beginning. No end. They just always are. We're never taught how to do them, somehow we just know. For me, loving you has been one of these things. It is as much a necessary part of my life as heartbeats. And breaths in. And breaths out. Nobody ever taught me how to love you, but I know without knowing how or when or why. I've been doing it all my life. I knew before I knew you. I knew before I met the world. I knew before I knew what it meant to be alive.