I'm Amy Taylor. A dog-petting, DIY-loving, garden whisperer. I'm a firstborn INFJ, an aspiring oenophile and a tall drink of water. 

By day, Iā€™m Chief Wordologist and Stoker of the Fire at Brains on Fire, a creative agency with offices in Greenville, SC and Los Angeles, California. We're a bunch of creative thinkers and doers who come at that marketing thing a little bit differently by putting people and passion first in order to help our clients connect with those who love them in deeper, more meaningful ways. 

In my former life, I was a more literal breed of community manager, working in Community Affairs for municipal government. Whether calming citizen concerns that a barbecue restaurant "smelled too much like barbecue,ā€ addressing vicious geese complaints or doing disaster control in the wake of a peanut oil spill (yes, it really happened), each day was an adventure fit for Leslie Knope.

After hours, you can find me advocating for shelter dogs, brunching, up to my elbows in garden dirt or clocking some quality time with my family + 120-pound rescue (in a 16-pound package), Rocky.