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10 September

Time Travelers

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A few weeks ago, I found myself 2,500 miles from home, sitting under twinkle lights and across the table from an old friend. The stars had aligned, putting us both in the same place at the same time for the first time in over a decade. Try as I might, I couldn’t recall the exact moment the lights went on […]

3 September

I Don’t Hate Hiking: A Lesson Learned On the Oregon Trails

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“I hate hiking!” is a story I’ve been telling myself for roughly 33 years. It was a stubborn, silly thing to claim, especially since — until this weekend — I’d never actually hiked. What I really meant is that hiking makes me uncomfortable. It is a new experience. It’s something I’m not skilled at. It challenges me. […]

21 August

An Open Letter to Stone Brewing Co.: Come Home to Columbus

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Dear Stone Brewing Co., Greetings from the Midwest. I feel like I already know you, and we haven’t even met. I hear you’re considering a new place. Congratulations! The aftermath of your announcement sure has generated a lot of talk about cities. Cities under consideration. Cities cut from the list. Cities still in the running. But I think […]

Love Notes

  • Lindy LaRoche, Poppy Soap Co.

    “Working with Amy has been a game changer for me. She immediately understood my brand and voice; I felt like I was working with a long lost childhood friend. Amy brings a spark and tenacity to the work that she does, and it really helped inspire me when I was stuck. She went above and beyond during our Indiegogo campaign, and was key to helping us raise over $10,000 for our Bar for Bar program. I cannot imagine my business without her.”

    - Lindy LaRoche, Poppy Soap Co.
  • Aimee Woodall, Black Sheep Agency

    “Amy is a gem. Her creative brain and artful vocabulary make magical things happen on paper and screen. She is able to translate rough ideas into magical collections of words that lead people to fall in love with brands – and the things they stand for. She’s one of the best copywriters in the business, and I’d recommend her for any challenge that requires message development. There’s nothing this gal can’t do. (Take her words for it, not mine.)”

    - Aimee Woodall, Black Sheep Agency
  • Allie Blalock, Warby Parker

    “Amy is truly the jill of all trades, without sacrificing any integrity or fulfillment of a given work. She manages to converse with communities online, create websites, command the social universe, and write authentically while not jeopardizing the grammatical structure of a sentence. It has been such a joy and honor to work with a woman that is making new waves in the creative communications business.”

    - Allie Blalock, Warby Parker