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Credit | Columbus Dispatch

Credit | Columbus Dispatch

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Over the last couple weeks, I have gotten to know the good guys behind DareDevil Dogs. From their hot dogs to their literal dogs (Puppies on the Patio, anyone?) it’s clear they are a Columbus gem. When I learned that the guys are hoping to expand their reach and take their yums beyond 270, I knew their Kickstarter campaign was something I wanted to support.

Don’t get me wrong, I love venturing into the loop for wine and weekends, but I also realize that it’s not that simple for everyone who lives beyond the belt. Which is what makes the Daredevil Dogs Kickstarter so great. Instead of expecting everyone in town to come to them, they’re eager to take that Columbus culinary creativity to the masses by way of food truck.

I did a quick Q&A with Tomos Mughan, one of the owners of DareDevil Dogs. Check out his responses and then go throw them a bone or five or twenty to score yourself a really cool t-shirt, a lifetime of free sides or an invite to their exclusive Kickstarter event.

Tell me a little bit about the history of Daredevil Dogs?
DareDevil Dogs was started by three friends William Garland, Mike Gadd and myself. We thought up the concept when we all worked together at a restaurant. We spent a lot of long hours brainstorming and working on the concept before deciding to make the jump. We spent six months working on the space, ironing out our concept and getting the restaurant ready before opening on November 21st of 2014.

What is your philosophy on food?
We all love food and we want that love to show in the food we serve. We believe you have to start with great ingredients to make great food. That’s why we try to source everything locally whenever possible. All of our dogs/brats are all Ohio Proud meat, our buns are baked locally at Matt’s Bakery in Bexley and we make all of our toppings in house. We also sous vide (a cooking technique using vacuum sealed bags and temperature-controlled water baths) our brats, as well as as the steak that goes on the Stunt Double. Sous Vide isn’t a cooking technique you would normally find in a hot dog shop, but we go the extra step because we believe it makes the best product.

Why hot dogs?
We all love hot dogs and we wanted a place where you could get great Ohio products in a delicious hot dog. We wanted to have hot dogs that not only catered to traditional hot dog lovers, but also people who wanted to be adventurous with their hot dogs.

What sets you apart from other restaurants in central Ohio?
Columbus has a great restaurant scene that has been very supportive of us. What we think makes DareDevil Dogs different is our commitment to the guest experience. DareDevil Dogs is about more then just great food, its about great food in a fun atmosphere that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Why did you decide Columbus was the right place/community to start your business?
We have all spent most of our lives in Columbus. We want to be a part of the thriving local economy that exists in Columbus. We love how supportive everyone is of all things local and we couldn’t be happier with where we opened up!

There are a lot of initiatives trying to woo outer belt residents into the city. Your food truck approach specifically mentions taking the inner belt experience to outer belt residents. Why do you feel that is important?
We have so many restrictions on our current space. The restaurant is tiny, we have very limited parking and traffic in the area can be tough. We want people all over central Ohio to be able to experience DareDevil Dogs. We want our food to be a part of as many communities as possible, not just the Short North and Campus community.

If your Kickstarter is funded, how do you envision having a food truck will impact your business?
It will definitely be a lot more work for Bill, Mike and I! We think it will be great for DareDevil Dogs. We believe in our product so the more hands we get our hot dogs in the better.

What is one thing you wish people knew about Daredevil Dogs?
That we have vegetarian and gluten free options. We love serving Ohio Proud meats, but we also pride ourselves on our vegan hot dog, which is a pinto bean-based dog made locally by The Good Frank. We also offer gluten free buns for people with a gluten intolerance.

In a perfect world, what does Daredevil Dogs look like five years from now?
We just want to continue to grow with the community. The more we grow, the more we are able to give back. Helping us get our food truck not only will create jobs, but also allows us to give more to civic causes. We want as many people to experience DareDevil Dogs as possible and we operate with that goal in mind. So who knows exactly where we will be, but hopefully we are still making people happy with great food.

Describe your perfect Saturday in Columbus?
I am sure Bill would say a day off to spend with his new Wife. For me, it would involve something outdoors during the day, maybe Hocking Hills or pick up soccer. A great dinner with friends on the Patio at Basi Italia and drinks at Curio to end the night.

>>>To support the DareDevil Dogs Kickstarter campaign, click here. <<<

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I received no compensation for this post. I just really like this brand and want to see them succeed in reaching their goal! 

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