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9 October

Build a Smart Company, Not a Loud One: On the Merits of Introverts

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A couple weeks ago, a few of us took a Myers-Briggs test just for fun. Upon the big reveal, we discovered that all three of us were INFJs. INFJs indeed share a very unique combination of traits: though soft-spoken, they have very strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in. They are decisive and […]

2 October

Why “Opposite Day” May Be Your Brand’s Golden Ticket to Success

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Once upon a time, a little brand called Warby Parker rocked the universe when they started doing the unthinkable: offering prescription eyeglasses at bargain prices over the internet. In stark contrast to the “traditional” model (pay exorbitant retail prices at brick-and-mortar shops), they flipped the model on its head. No stores. No pushy salespeople. No rush. Want to take your […]

18 September

How Fab.com Turned “Oopsie” into “Opportunity”

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As the finger that pulls the trigger on a monthly newsletter, MailChimp’s sense of humor makes me laugh. In those final moments before you push the button and relinquish control, the longer you linger above the button, the sweatier the nervous monkey arm gets.  In August, the popular site Fab.com had a moment of flub. Over […]

Love Notes

  • Lindy LaRoche, Poppy Soap Co.

    “Working with Amy has been a game changer for me. She immediately understood my brand and voice; I felt like I was working with a long lost childhood friend. Amy brings a spark and tenacity to the work that she does, and it really helped inspire me when I was stuck. She went above and beyond during our Indiegogo campaign, and was key to helping us raise over $10,000 for our Bar for Bar program. I cannot imagine my business without her.”

    - Lindy LaRoche, Poppy Soap Co.
  • Aimee Woodall, Black Sheep Agency

    “Amy is a gem. Her creative brain and artful vocabulary make magical things happen on paper and screen. She is able to translate rough ideas into magical collections of words that lead people to fall in love with brands – and the things they stand for. She’s one of the best copywriters in the business, and I’d recommend her for any challenge that requires message development. There’s nothing this gal can’t do. (Take her words for it, not mine.)”

    - Aimee Woodall, Black Sheep Agency
  • Allie Blalock, Warby Parker

    “Amy is truly the jill of all trades, without sacrificing any integrity or fulfillment of a given work. She manages to converse with communities online, create websites, command the social universe, and write authentically while not jeopardizing the grammatical structure of a sentence. It has been such a joy and honor to work with a woman that is making new waves in the creative communications business.”

    - Allie Blalock, Warby Parker